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Art George

I retired after 30 years of service as a dentist in the U.S. Navy but have always been interested in financial matters. I began this journey after attending a weekend financial seminar my first year in the Navy. As I continued to acquire knowledge through the years, I would frequently share that information with the junior officers and enlisted whom I worked along side. During long commutes home from work I listened to Dave Ramsey’s podcasts which led me to the idea of facilitating Financial Peace University (FPU) at our church. Upon retiring from the military, the natural next step led me to becoming a Ramsey Preferred Coach. Having successfully completed the Financial Coach Master Training provided by Ramsey Solutions, accompanied by my desire to share this information with others, I am excited to work with you as you obtain financial peace and start to see a brighter future. 

Mary Beth

Mary Beth George

I have loved being a military spouse, accompanying Art on many adventures during his 30-year career. While we chose to focus on his career while I stayed home with our two kids, I have always sought ways to add to the family income. I have done evening consulting work, kept neighborhood kids after school, taught classes part-time at a community college, taught piano lessons in our home and have been a direct sales representative. While I love to spend money, I also appreciate a good deal and rarely pay full price for anything. I am known in my family as the "Coupon Queen" cutting grocery coupons, perusing the internet for scanable retail coupons, and signing up for free food offers at restaurants. I have completed Financial Peace University and believe the steps laid out are straightforward and attainable.  I like meeting new people and enjoy getting to know who they are.  I am excited to hear your story and be part of helping you make some changes in order to experience financial peace!

G&G Financial Coaching LLC

Helping you identify your primary financial issues, providing a clear proven plan and guiding you throughout the process so that you can achieve financial freedom.

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G&G Financial Coaching LLC

Art and Mary Beth George

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