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  • What is a financial coach?
    A financial coach should have the heart of a teacher. A financial coach will listen carefully to your top concerns and work to create a customized plan that reflects your financial goals. Whether you are burdened with debt, need help saving for big money items, or want to build wealth, a trained coach will walk along side you as you make real progress with your finances.
  • How does a financial coach differ from a financial advisor?
    Financial Advisors will manage the wealth you have already built up. A Financial Coach helps you get on track to build wealth in the first place. Where advisors tend to focus on managing your investment portfolio, a coach tends to focus more on personal money management, behavioral change, and accountability to a customized spending plan.
  • How can I pay for a financial coach if my financial situation is not in a good place?
    Dave Ramsey often says that most clients he has worked with in financial coaching are not poor, but broke. They simply have not managed the money they have worked so hard to earn. If what you are doing presently just isn't working, try consulting with a financial coach to see if he or she may be able to help. It is an investment to start being more intentional in where you are spending your money. It is an investment in yourself. Make the decision today to change your future.
  • How often are the sessions?
    We always start with a 30-minute free consultation to see if we are a good fit to tackle your concerns. Then a decision will be made whether you prefer a Financial Check-Up or a more Comprehensive Plan. If you select the Financial Check-Up, we will review your current financial situation and provide recommendations on how to move forward successfully. With the Comprehensive Financial Plan, we will meet once or twice each month for 3-6 months to be sure that we have addressed your concerns and you can move forward on your own with confidence.
  • Where are the coaching sessions held?
    All coaching sessions are presently being held online utilizing Google Meet. Your coach will send you a link prior to the scheduled meeting.
  • If I am married, does my partner have to be part of the coaching session?"
    No, but we have found that the coaching process will be much more successful if both partners are in agreement with how their finances are managed. We have met couples where one spouse is ready and the other is not quite there. Once you are on the same page, you will be much more likely to succeed.

G&G Financial Coaching LLC

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